Crochet Owl Hat.

I have a lot or yarn kicking about some from old projects other from projects that never came to fruition. Some Friends of mine just recently had a baby and I thought since I have so much yarn I might as well be a bit productive. So to the inter webs I went and and located a cute little blog  called Repeat Crafter Me with all sorts of crocheting patterns for you new little one.

So I though I would sit down watch a movie and have at her. Probably wasn’t my best idea since I ended up grabbing the wrong hook, one that was way too small. Instead of making a baby size hat I ended up making a doll size one instead. I figured hey I could just give it to my niece who is four for her dolly’s. That was probably another mistake I made…. Yesterday she called me up from grandmas phone thanking me and demanding I make more one for every “baby”  she owns. That is a lot of baby’s.

When I was little my grandma would make all sorts of little hats, scarfs and booties for our my little pony’s that I still have today. I am now realizing that my niece gets the same deal with me since neither of her grandparents know how to sew or crochet. She is a lucky kiddo and for the next few years I guess I will get away with making her gifts. Now only if my nephew was that easy.

If you wan to try making one yourself the pattern is located here, Sarah the owner of the blog is kind enough to provide sized from Newborns to Adults. I encourage you to check out her Website, Twitter Facebook Page or Pinterest

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