Rummy Bears Done My Way.

I don’t drink a lot, mostly because of my disorder, (hemochromatosis), but it doesn’t stop me from experimenting on my friends with alcohol. They all seem to be willing and eager test subjects.

Soaked Rummy Bears

My First experiment was with Gummy bears and rum. It was the first rendition of rummy bears. Let’s just say it was done from research online into soaking gummy bears in rum and letting them absorb the alcohol. Simple right? Well preparing them was easy enough, sorting them into their own little segregated piles. Next was pouring some rum in and then wait. The only place I went wrong was buying some over proof rum and that wasn’t apparent until my friend Ian and I dug into them. That was one of the worse experiences I have ever had. It was agonizing trying to eat them. Ian was a trooper determined to eat them all. Lets just say they were worse coming up then going down. The whole ordeal left a bad taste in our mouths and I wasn’t eager to try it again. The rest of my friends were interested and wished they had but they were the lucky ones in my opinion. I think now If I ever go back to that method I would recommend that you choose an alcohol that you can stand drinking straight, not something that you just buy on a whim for the sheer alcohol content.

Skittles Vodka

My second experiment was with Vodka and Skittles. This one produced a much more tasty result. I again fled to the internet and located the following a Tutorial. With a slight alteration to the directions though. I ended up using a tea press since a coffee filter was taking forever using the gravity method and I was pressed for time. A few presses with a coffee filter it ended up only taking an hour or so to complete.  I was able to make my friends party with time to spare and we all had a ball making up all sorts of mixed drinks with them. The only dilemma I had was I ended up with so much left over since I did such a huge batch. There are worse things I that could have happened.

Jolly Rancher Rum

The fourth experiment was with the Jolly Rancher and rum. My one friend doesn’t like vodka and wanted me to do some skittles rum but I was reluctant because of all the work that went into sorting and although the tea press did cut time down it was still a tedious process. I had an end of the year baseball party to go to and figured I would get my team drunk. So I went to the internet again. I located another tutorial  but changed it up with rum instead of vodka. The results were great and there were shots all around.  It was a much simpler process since you didn’t need to sort the candies and because they dissolve completely you do need not to strain them. I counted out 20 jolly rancher candies in each colour then placed them in empty water bottles. Once they was done I filled them all to the middle.  This makes it easier to shake them up while the candies are dissolving. Once the mixture is fully dissolved, (it may take a full night), you simply top up the bottles with more alcohol then shake and you are ready. These can be drank straight but beware they are potent and go down quite smooth.
  • Jolly Rancher Rum

My Rummy Bears

So you are probably bored by now hearing a history of my adventures in alcohol and want me to get to the point of this post. I got to thinking of ok I know how not to do rummy bears. their must be a better way. So again to the internet; I searched how to make actual gummy bears. I located a YouTube tutorial . I also check out How It’s Made Gummy Candy. Finally I researched into how to set alcohol into jello. I always had the problem of making jello shooters and they end up turning into jello soup. I found that you should double the gelatin in the recipe for it to set because alcohol doesn’t set like water. At the time I did there wasn’t anything on YouTube I could find now their is so you are welcome to follow their directions.


  1. Jello Mix of any flavour
  2. 2 pouches of Knox Gelatine.
  3. Bottle of white rum.
  4. 1 Measuring cup
  5. 1 Small pot
  6. 1 mold I used an silicone Ice cube tray makes it easy to pop them out.
  7. !-2cups of white granular sugar
  8. *optional Citric Acid


You may want to coat them with some powder sugar and corn starch to make sure they are not sticky. If you want to make them sour add some citric acid but rememebr to cut it with some granular sugar and test your mixture mine came out crazy sour.


  1. Measure 1/3 cups of alcohol.
  2. Pour alcohol  into cold pot.
  3. Empty two pouches of Knox Geletine evenly.
  4. Empty one pouch of flavor jello evenly.
  5. let sit for 15min to absorb.
  6. Place on low heat and stir constantly until clear. DO NOT LET BOIL!  You want to avoid boiling off as much alcohol as possible.
  7. Pour pot back into measuring cup.
  8. Rinse pot with hot water makes it easier to clean.
  9. Pour measuring cup into mould.
  10. Place in freezer for 15mins.
  11. Take out and pop out of moulds
  12. Dip into sugar
  13. Optional Add some citric acid to sugar to make some sour gummies. A little will got a long way so test your mix before coating.
  14. Done.

I have included and gallery of my process. If you need further instruction don’t hesitate in leaving me a comment.

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