Melted Crayon Painting

For this Mothers Day for my niece Rylee to give to my sister as her gift we did a melted crayon painting. I apologize we did take enough pictures working with an impatient 9 year old can sometimes make crafting difficult.

What will be needed to complete this project:

  1. Canvase
  2. Box of Crayons
  3. Hair Dryer
  4. Glue {modge podge}
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Glue Gun
  7. Black Craft Paper
  8. Painters Tape
  9. Toilet paper rolls x2 or { 1 paper towel roll}
  10. Siscors
  11. Optional:
    1. Extension Cord
    2. Heat Gun
    3. Easel
    4. Black Adhesive Vinyl Paper
    5. Electronic Cutter
    6. Exacto Knife
    7. Old Table Cloth

Final Product

Final Product
  • Gather all your supplies in on area ~ saves From searching all over for them and if you are dealing with children while doing this project all the better.

First Part

  1. Sort all the crayons your want to use. We excluded the browns and blacks because my niece being 9 didn’t like those colours.
  2. Line up the Crayons in the order you want to glue them on. Make sure you have the right amount to cover the length of your project. Best to have them ready for when gluing on so you are not fumbling for the next crayon.
  3. We left the papers on but that is optional. If you end up removing the paper it can end up looking a bit clumping at the top.
  4. Glue a strip approximately the length of the paper of a crayon the place the first crayon. ~ I placed the first crayon so my niece would not burn her self lining it with the edge of the canvas.
  5. Repeat with the glue and you can have them place the next crayon until the end ~ Make sure the crayone are flush with the top! 
First Step

Second Part

  1. Decide how large you want to make your little girl once the crayons are glued.
  2. Select the colour of paper or adhesive vinyl.
  3. Download a silhouette of someone holding an umbrella…. or use the vector file I provided.
  4. Cut out silhouette from your choice of medium either by hand or using an Electronic Cutter.

Little Girl With Umbrella

Vector Cut

Third Part

  • I would recommend to do this part outside with an extension cord. Saves from cleaning up drips on the floor that miss the table cloth. We were unfortunate that outside I could not locate any plugins and the extension cord was not long enough that we had to do this process in the laundry room.
  1. Take silhouette of “Girl” and using glue {modge podge} seal her. ~ this is a benefit in case you get melted crayon on her it can be easily removed. If  you use vinyl this step can be skipped.
  2. Glue / attach your silhouette of “Girl” to canvas using glue if it is paper of sticking the vinyl directly.
  3. Take two toilet paper roll or { paper towel  roll} with using take create a barrier to stop the melting of the crayons from going onto the “Girl“. ~follow the shape of the umbrella.
  4. Take your hair dryer or heat gun and in an top to bottom fashion melt the crayons down until desired length. ~ Make sure to hold your heating implement pointing down at all time or you will get side swiping lines. 
  5. Once finished and dried removed the barricade and touch up with an exacto knife if needed where the barricade used to be.
  6. Sit back and admire your work!